Monday, March 22, 2010

10 security measures on a motorcycle

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Safe driving tips

1. Important safety equipment must be prepared. Helmets and jackets are mandatory attributes. Also not hurt to also wear gloves so that when adjusting the gas, not the hands slippery with sweat. Before leaving, make sure the turn signal, headlight at the rear, and the vehicle horn to function properly. Oh yes, check the tires. Does the wind pressure or need ditambanh enough.

2. Now you are ready to come down to the street. Well, the important thing to remember is do not think other drivers always see you. Let's just say you are not seen by other motorists. Think that makes you drive more carefully. When to precede, or bypassed, should you feel the other motorists may not see you.

3. Leave a safe distance. Although solid and vehicle traffic, make sure your motor does not get too close to other vehicles. This space makes your view more clearly and can better respond to the situation. Especially in a state of high speed, keep your distance with other vehicles in case there is sudden braking.

4. Anticipate an accident. If you were behind big trucks or buses that the city reckless caution remains. Anticipation of risk that would come when she was around two vehicles. City buses often do not see either side if they want to overtake, make sure your bike is not in a dangerous place. So also with the trucks, keep your distance so that if anything happens you can to anticipate the action quickly.

5. Be careful through the turn. Often on a bend, the motor is enclosed in the back of the car. This is very dangerous. Vehicles from different directions could not see, and lead to accidents. Try not to let you always be seen by motorists around. Likewise, when a branch to the left. Often the motor is located in the left lane and heading straight does not anticipate that the car would turn left. Always look at the situation around. If you are in the left lane, turn anticipation vehicles and vehicles from the direction of the turn. Kedipkan horn and lights to signal. Keep your vehicle every turn, sometimes we can not see if there was a large truck or a hole that could be dangerous in the turn.

6. Stop kebut-kebutan. In hot weather, could have a hot follow-up emotional state. Avoid conflict on the road because it would confuse the mind and reduce concentration. Stay calm and focus on your goals. Do not be too easy to fall for the other riders challenging for kebut-kebutan. If the situation is very emotional, it's better to stop. Drink water if possible and continue the journey if it is calm.

7. Give way to vehicles that want more quickly. If the back of a car horn, give way with little menempi and motor slowing. Try also not followed the vehicle in front of you. If the vehicle in front can not see your bike, it could have been dangerous if he turns or stops suddenly.

8. Be careful driving in the sun. Sun glare often makes people. Some helmets equipped with a glass film to reduce the hot sun or use sunglasses that block as much as possible no eyes. If the light is blinding you should pull over first to see the situation. If possible change the direction to a more shade.

9. Avoid driving at night especially on Saturday nights and Sunday nights. On the second evening, usually a lot of people coming out of clubs drunk. If you are forced to, make sure your bike lights on and use a light-colored helmet that could burn in the dark.

10. Finally, do not forget to always bring the letters to facilitate the vehicle if a problem occurs in the middle of the road. Often there are raids that documents checked vehicles. Complete your motor is also additional security key especially if you often leave the vehicle in a public place in a long time. Oh yes, maximum motor capacity of only two people. So, do not try to harm themselves by driving more than that amount. (FTA)

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